Kingsquare Exclusive Pocket Square Holder- Men's Suit/Blazer/Coat Pocket Square Keeper

Kingsquare Exclusive Pocket Square Holder- Men's Suit/Blazer/Coat Pocket Square Keeper

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*Soft *Adjustable *Durable *Easy to Line In- Pocket Holder that adds exoticism to your dressing with ultimate simplicity. Posh Colors; Black & Grey - 3.25” x 4.495”, Felt.
  • LUXURIOUS ACCESSORY: The Kingsquare Pocket Square Holder is one of its kind, a modish accessory for men that holds a handkerchief or pocket square securely for a convenient experience. It seamlessly fits into the jacket pockets. The holder is soft to touch and extraordinarily flexible. Definitely a splendid tool to add glam to plain suit jackets.
  • FINE VELVETY FABRIC: Made out of an adjustable yet sturdy fabric, felt, it is ought to look dope on both formal suits and casual blazers. The durable pocket holder is available in two manly colors; classy black and plushy grey.
  • ADJUSTABLE ENDS: The top sleeve of the pocket holder can be expanded by squeezing the sides of it. This way a pocket square can be easily lined in. Also, the sleeve has the tendency to be closed tightly, which keeps the pocket square intact inside. Fits in perfectly in the narrow breast pockets too because of the adjustable ends. No worries about its fall or a fix.
  • NO DAMAGE TO THE MATERIAL: The best quality of this is that it features rounded edges, soft in touch that do not cause any rip or scratch on the material of the breast pockets. Absolutely ideal for all sorts of handkerchiefs and pocket squares!
  • NO MISPLACING: The issue of pocket squares refusing to remain in place throughout the day is now solved with Kingsquare Pocket Square Holders. Men can now maintain a professional, classic, trendy or formal look by purchasing this stylish accessory! The Perfect Pocket Square Holder is the ultimate solution for keeping the handkerchief firmly in place all day long.

There is no need to worry about the pocket squares sinking in with the availability of Kingsquare Pocket Square Holder. Kingsquare Pocket Square Holder is one of the highest quality men’s accessories designed till date. Its distinctive features make it a must-have for men. The pocket holder is matchless, lightweight and imperishable. Be it a tuxedo, suit jacket or sports coat, the pocket holder is capable of holding in the folds of pocket squares flawlessly. Calling it the best companion of the suits and coats wouldn’t be false. 

Perfect for weddings and one-to-one interactions, Kingsquare’s Pocket Square Holder is a great fit. Time to begin a vogue fashion journey with Kingsquare’s Pocket square holder! 

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Kingsquare Pocket Square Holder

Soft.  Adjustable. Durable. Easy to line in.


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